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10 ways the 2012 election was rigged. 
We noticed some of these in 2010 in Nevada.
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About Not On My Watch
PRODUCER: Beth Murphy

Every legal vote should count. And every vote counted should be legal. That’s the American way, right?

NOT ON MY WATCH is a one-hour documentary film that examines the controversies and allegations that have plagued electoral politics and what has caused the system to become so distrusted. For the past decade, nearly every major election has been tainted with superficial allegations of fraud, intimidation, and uncounted votes. But rather than spurring full scale investigations, the claims do little more than cast a shadow of discredit on the winner, leading the issue to be unceremoniously dropped. From the disaster in Florida in 2000 to the misinformation and intimidation that pollute the political spectrum today, the American people have lost confidence that their voice will make any difference. This is not a Republican issue. This is not a Democrat issue. Election fraud is an American issue.

Beth Murphy is a documentary producer, director, author and university professor. In 1999 she founded Principle Pictures, an independent film company committed to giving voice to the voiceless, raising awareness about important social issues, and inspiring education and action through entertainment. She has led production crews to all corners of the world, often in war-torn or developing countries in order to focus on human rights and international issues.

She has produced, directed, written (and in some cases narrated) nearly 20 documentary films for national and international media outlets including The Sundance Channel, The History Channel, Discovery International, Lifetime Television, The Sundance Channel, Discovery Health, PBS, and numerous international outlets.

Murphy directed BEYOND BELIEF, an acclaimed feature documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and went on to win Grand Jury and Audience Awards at film festivals across the United States. The film had a limited theatrical release in New York City and Boston. For her work on this film, she received the One Shared World International Outreach Award by American Women in Radio and Television. Murphy is now running a nationwide outreach and educational campaign with the film that is intended to start a national dialogue about America’s role in the world, and to explore what our actions say about our values.

She is currently in production on the THE PROMISE OF FREEDOM (funded by ITVS, The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund and Chicken and Egg Pictures). She has also started production on WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS (supported by Cinereach and the LEF Foundation).

Murphy is also currently in pre-production on ELECTION FRAUD: AMERICA’S SILENT EPIDEMIC, a one-hour documentary film that examines the controversies and allegations that have plagued electoral politics and what has caused the system to become so distrusted.

Murphy’s filmography includes:

-The Promise of Freedom (in production, funded by ITVS, Gucci Tribeca Doc Fund, and Chicken and Egg Pictures)
-What Tomorrow Brings (in production, supported by Cinereach and LEF Foundation)
-Beyond Belief (Tribeca Film Festival, Netflix, 2007 and Sundance Channel 2009)
-Flu Time Bomb (Discovery International, 2005)
-Breast Cancer Legacy (Discovery Health, 2004)
-Flying Pyramids—Soaring Stones (History Channel, 2004)
-Fighting For Our Future (Lifetime, 2002)
-Heroes of Hope: Crisis in Kosovo (PBS, 1999)
-The Visionaries Series (9 films for public television distributed by APT.
Subjects included slavery in Sudan, feminist revolution in Bangladesh, and post-apartheid health care in South Africa.

Murphy has organized and run successful outreach and educational campaigns with her films that extend the life of her projects well beyond broadcast. She is the author of Fighting For Our Future (McGraw Hill, 2002), a companion book to her film with the same title. The book was heralded by the Library Journal as doing the cancer community “a vital service.”

She is also a contributing author to Open My Eyes, Open My Soul, a collection of short stories and poems by Yolanda King (daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.). Her articles have appeared in The Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications; and she has been profiled in The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Providence Journal, Boston Business Journal, and Jerusalem Post. Murphy has also been a guest on NBC’s Today Show, NPR, The CBS Evening News, and numerous other television and radio outlets.

As an adjunct professor at Suffolk University and a visiting professor at American University Paris, she has taught courses in covering international crises, the business of international news, and media ethics. She earned a B.A. in History from the University of Connecticut, and an M.A. in International Relations and International Communications from Boston University. She studied French at the University of Paris, Sorbonne, and studied documentary filmmaking at George Washington University’s Documentary Center.

She currently serves as Board Chair for the International Institute of Boston, an organization that helps immigrants and refugees. She is also on the boards of Filmmaker’s Collaborative and the Woods Hole Film Festival.

Beth Murphy